The Easiest Way to Make More Money in Your Tattoo Shop – Stop Paying Credit Card Processing Fees!

Our experience as shop owners with 20 years in the business taught us that we were dealing with daily issues of running the shop instead of paying attention to the outrageous amounts we’d been paying in credit card processing fees. This is exactly why we created Keep The Fees. The payment processing industry is evolving with new solutions and technologies and by understanding new trends, business owners can literally eliminate 100% of your credit card processing fees by implementing a new payment processing program called “cash discount.”


As a tattoo artist and business owner, your love is creating a beautiful and powerful piece of art for your valued client; most tattoo artists we speak with say “running the back office is a pain in the __” and we would rather focus our attention on tattooing; however, just like we need to maintain our health by exercising regularly, business owners must exercise their financial acumen when analyzing whether they have the best “credit card program” for their particular shop.

Yes, the word “program” is critical as there are different programs and solutions depending upon the needs of your shop. What is your rate is the most common question we hear when speaking with business owners. Yet the “base rate” is only part of the equation and what really matters is your “effective rate” . Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are unaware of the pitfalls and how the “hidden fees” of credit card processing are adversely affecting the bottom line.  And, now there is a way to reduce all of your payment fees!


Welcome “cash discount”.  Tattoo shops and merchants of all types can now avoid paying expensive, ever-increasing credit card processing fees.   In simple terms, a cash discount rewards customers for paying in cash instead of with a credit card.   It incentives your clients to pay with cash by presenting a “non-cash adjustment” line item on receipts and provides your customer an opportunity to remove the fee by paying with cash.  Without being over technical, a cash discount does operate differently than a “surcharge”; surcharges are complex and do have many rules including not allowing for debit card transactions and are illegal in 10 states.   Cash discounts are simple, legal in all states and I believe is the future of payment processing in the years to come.